It might seem cheaper to keep old technology going for as long as possible but the true cost of ownership might shock you. What is the real cost of old technology and what can we do to change this?


Older PCs (3+ years) are 28% more susceptible to viruses. Laptops of the same age are 58% more susceptible to viruses.

Over 40% of cyber attacks are because of cyber criminals exploiting vulnerabilities that had been patched 2-4 years ago. Some of the most commonly used software, such as Microsoft Windows, Adobe Reader and Oracle Java are often targeted by cyber criminals, which is why frequent updates are developed and made available to users.


Customer perception

Old technology makes businesses look less professional. In a world where security leaks and cyber crime are on the rise, customers need to know that your business is current, up to date and ready to protect their data.


Employee productivity

UK/Irish workers are losing millions of working hours each week because of poor technology in the office. Millions of working hours. Let that sink in. Is your IT infrastructure causing you to lose money and hours?



On the surface it might appear cheaper to keep the same old tech going for longer. This is a time and resource intensive process and one you should question. Is it worth investing so much into subpar technology that doesn’t meet the needs of your users?

Small businesses are spending between €427-521 per PC, per year on repairing older PCs. This equals or exceeds the purchase price of some new PCs. Think of it this way; you’re not just spending money on old technology, you’re losing IT time on repairs, employee time on downtime and management time trying to organise solutions on the fly.

3 is the magic number – Once a PC reaches its 3rd birthday – the cost of repair exceeds the value of the machine itself!!

According to Intel, the magic number – when buying a PC becomes cheaper than maintenance – is three. When a PC reaches three years old it will begin to experience higher failure rates and many more virus infections.




With the cost of replacing an entry level base unit as low as €295, the excuses for keeping the old machine alive seem very foolish…

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