Hi All

This week we are excited to officially launch our Online Helpdesk Portal to all our customers.  I suppose the best way to explain  is via a few quick Q&A’s 🙂

What is an Online Helpdesk?

This is where you can enter a request for help directly into a webpage & we will respond to your request via our team of qualified technicians

How does it Work?

Step 2 – Fill out the form as specified (there’s a link to a YouTube video below in case you are unsure)
Step 3 – Once the ticket is submitted – a PC Repair technician will ‘pick’ the ticket up & attempt to resolve by direct contact with the customer.

Why? Whats in it for me?

Simply put – we want to provide the best technical support for your company.  With our online support desk, we can track & resolve your problem quicker than any other method.  We will also collect feedback so as to make sure we are doing it right 😉

How do I log a call?

Simple – Check out our online video here.  It’s as easy as pie.  Just click the button below!!

Hopefully that answers any queries but as always – contact us if you need any assistancePhone: 042-9335355 / info@pcrepaircentre.comThanks Guys!Dalton