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PC Repair Centre rebrands as DASH


Why the change?

Simple, the name “PC Repair Centre” had served us well in the past but given the scope of the fields of expertise that we cover – we felt the name restricting people’s perception of what we do to a single IT service rather that the large range of services we provide.  This is the primary motivating factor behind the name change.


We decided to streamline the name down to a single syllable, four letter word as it reflects the company ethos when it comes to solution finding.  After all, why over-complicate it with 3 words when 1 will cover it all!


How does this affect you?

In a nutshell – It doesn’t!  The level of service and support will continue to hit the expectation levels of our customers as we strive for continuous improvement.  Any service contracts currently in place are not affected by this change.


If you have any queries on the name change – give us a bell on 042-9335355 (or drop us an email on info@dash.ie )



The Dash Team – April 2017

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