Tech support scammers have come up with a new way to trick users into sharing their payment card information: screen lockers showing fake Windows alerts telling users that their Windows copy has expired or has been corrupted:

Tech support scammers use Windows lockers

This scheme actually prevents users from using their computers until they call the provided toll-free “tech support” phone number and provide their payment info.

Once installed, the locker waits for the moment when users restart their computer, and then springs into action. It first shows a fake “Updating…” screen, and then the above shown alert that temporarily disables the computer.

After contacting the number, the ‘tech’ instructs you further…. There is a built-in installer for TeamViewer which can be launched by a combination of the Ctrl+Shift+T keys.  After this, they demand around €200 to unlock the PC

Nobody should be forced to pay these scammers to regain control of their computer, and there is apparently a way to disable the locker: just hit ctrl+shift+S. Cleaning the machine from the malware should be next.

If in any doubt, contact The PC Repair Centre today on 042-9335355