Why are backups important?

Computers fill our life and our work.  They faithfully accumulate our wedding pictures, our company’s books, and the ceaseless emails we get and send.  But, unless you back it up, all that data can be gone in a flash…

Backups protect you from hardware failurebackup program

Computers are more reliable than ever, so its easy to forget or put off backing up your data. We’ve all done it.
But, computer drives still fail, and usually they give no advance warning.  One minute they’re working fine, and the next minute they’re toast.
And usually, when they fail, it’s impossible (or very expensive) to get any data off of them.

Backups protect you from viruses

Some computer viruses will corrupt your data.  Some computer viruses will bog your machine down so much that you can’t login.backup utility
In fact Randsomware is on the rise & in particular we have seen multiple infections locally of ‘Cryptolocker’.  With proper offsite backup – paying money to criminals to ‘release’ your data can be avoided.

Backups protect you from theftbackup program

Thieves are more likely to steal high-tech items such as your laptop or home computer.  These items are in high demand and can be sold quickly and easily.
If you have backups, it’s simple to restore your files to a new computer.  Without backups, your accounts data may be gone forever.

Backups protect you from accidental deletion

Every computer has a Delete key, and sometimes it works too well.best backup utilities
One mans rubbish can be another mans treasure.  Accidental deletion happens all the time.  If deleted from the servers mapped drive by a client PC – that data can potentially be lost without any backup procedures (It won’t appear in your recycle bin so that safety net is gone)

Backups protect you from fires, floods, and other disasters

We buy insurance for our homes and businesses, because disasters happen.  Think of your backups as data insurance.best backup software
We don’t like to think about what might happen, but good backups can make any disaster a little more survivable.  All you’ll have to do is setup a new computer and restore your backups.
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The PC Repair Centre Team