Two of the biggest security breaches in history have come, not from any hacking or spyware, but from the common household USB thumb drive. Yes, the one we all have at least two of sitting in drawers and cabinets and on keychains that we take to work every day.

One of these famous events is a man by the name of Edward Snowden who simply walked out of the NSA with top secret blueprints smuggled out on an obvious and common thumb drive. Some say it was the thumb drive that took down the Iranian nuclear facilities as well by tricking an Iranian scientist into plugging in a rigged thumb drive into a nuclear network.

So if a simple storage device is dangerous to businesses like the NSA, it can just as easily destroy a small business such as yours. Since flash drives are cheap, fast, and compatible with just about any computer they’re plugged into, it’s an easy recipe for disaster when one is lost or worse yet, stolen.

Disabling access to USB ports on your users computers is they most effective way of securing your site when it comes to breaches via USB keys.  This can be done simply by contacting us on 042-9335355

Keeping your office secure can be difficult – However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Make sure all flash drives that are brought in the doors of your company are approved. High security drives are available, and there are even some newer type of flash drives that can be wiped remotely if lost.  These can be purchased by contacting us today on 042-9335355

Disable Flash Drives on your premises. This is the most effective way of securing your site.  Restricting use of USB ports on your companies IT equipment can save alot of heartache

As always, keep your antivirus up to date. USB drives can steal data, but they can also deposit nasty bugs and viruses on your computers in a matter of moments. Keeping your antivirus up-to-date is one of the easiest ways to combat this.